Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where did the idea for The Edgecliff Storybook come from?


A: Originally it was an idea for a webcomic done as a father-daughter project. The webcomic would feature monsters -- a mad scientist, Frankenstein’s monster, a vampire, a werewolf, and a mummy -- as little children going through day-to-day life (think “Peanuts” as written by Bram Stoker). As the project developed, though, the storylines became too complex for a webcomic, and the concept changed to a novel featuring a slightly more realistic collection of oddball: the creepy mad scientist kid became Mopsy, the snooty vampire became Elsbeth, the clueless werewolf became Gretchen, and the wisecracking mummy became Nephri; Frankenstein’s monster was demoted to a secondary character (school bully Ulrich). (Kiku was a late addition caused by the author and his daughter watching way too much anime). There the project languished until the notes were discovered by the author’s friend and co-perpetrator The Editrix, who was working with him on a completely unrelated writing project at the time. It was she who convinced the author that this could be a firecracker of a book, helped the author work through some initial concepts, and cruelly whips the author daily until the book is finished. So blame her.


Q: So when is the book coming out?


A: The target date is Summer of 2006.


Q: What is the target age-group for the book?


A: 9-12, but this also includes 9-12-year-olds in their thirties and forties and beyond as well.


Q: There are nuns in this book. Is this a religious or Christian book?


A: No. The book is written from a Christian perspective because the author is Christian, but you do not have to approach the book from any particular set of beliefs to enjoy it. Nor is the purpose of the book to preach or evangelize, it is pure entertainment, with irreverent humor and an uplifting message.


Q: What is that thing called that hangs down in the back of your throat?


A: That is called the “uvula” -- unless you are a shark, then it’s called “an unlucky scuba-diver”.


Q: Can I borrow $20?


A: Of course you can -- just not from me.


Q: Why is it that only Cowboys and Swiss mountain-climbers yodel?


A: I’m sorry, but that information is classified.