Character Quotes


“Good grief, what rock did they overturn to find you?” -- Elsbeth




"This is a Sumerian Fighting Goldfish. It took twelve strong men to get him into the bowl and one of them nearly lost an arm in the attempt. They’ll never take him alive." -- Mopsy


"When someone walks on your grave, you hear all this stomping about above you, and picks and shovels digging, and then a bunch of archaeologists in short pants and explorer helmets come marching through your pyramid and barge right into your tomb and take all your stuff! I speak from experience!" -- Nephri


"I am not helping you break the rules, I am here merely to observe the rules being broken, so I may tell on you more efficiently later." -- Kiku


"Foolish mortal, you cannot destroy the Mopsy!" -- Mopsy


 “Mother Merry is battier than a Dracula family reunion!” -- Elsbeth


"Some days it just doesn't pay to push the stone lid off the sarcophagus." -- Nephri


“Respect is earned, Mrs. Bolls. It cannot be forced out of a child, nor bought nor sold, nor traded with a child for seal pelts and scrimshaw. It cannot be quarried out of a child like granite, nor rendered out of a child by boiling.” -- Principal Roman Castlewick


"The darkest place in the universe is the human mind. Groovy." -- Mopsy